Teardrop Trailer Bathroom Solutions That Work
Three ypes of Camping toilets

Traditional Easy-to-tow teardrop campers do not have bathrooms, my easy solutions include no smell, easy cleanup, and privacy.

Teardrop Trailer Bathroom Solutions

Nowadays there are a few teardrop trailers that do have bathrooms but they are bigger and require a little bit more vehicle to pull. Remember the reason you got a teardrop is you wanted something lightweight and nimble to pull. You want to be able to go anywhere. So most of them don’t have a bathroom but that’s okay you’re trying to experience the great outdoors. Also, teardrop trailers are small and if they did have a bathroom you would all smell it. 

Probably the number one question I get with my Teardrop Campers is “where do you go to the bathroom?”. The solutions you have to choose from are getting better all the time. If you’ve been camping for a long time you know how to go to the bathroom in the woods, or use the campground facilities, or just dig a hole. Nowadays there several small portable toilets you can take with you. Along with that, you can get a small, easy-to-set-up booth-style tent to put it in. They’re private and comfortable. You don’t have to use a bag and a bucket. If you really need a bathroom you need to buy a bigger trailer.

Basically, there are three types of camping toilets a bucket-style, a collapsible portable sit-down toilet, and a flushable large wet toilet. And I’ll add a collapsible composting toilet. 

Seperate rescue

Separett Rescue Camping Toilet Kit

Composting toilets(dry toilet) vs mixed content (large flush wet toilet) toilets.

The basic thing you need to understand about composting toilets you don’t mix the poo and the pee. Conventional toilets combine number one and number two together and that’s where you get the sewer smell. If you separate number one and number two it’s a vastly different experience. A The composting toilet has a separator cup for the urine and discharges it into a separate container away from the poo. The poo then goes into its own container which is usually covered with some peat moss or sawdust or another drying agent. This is how composting toilets control the smell. In a portable composting toilet it’s the same theory with two containers. The poo goes into a biodegradable bag that you can use throughout your camping trip by covering up each instance with a layer of peat moss. The pee is funneled into a separate container for dumping later. The smell factor in this process is so much better.

I know most of the camping toilets for sale are based on conventional toiletry, you poo and pee together into a bucket discharge some water(flush) mix it in and it goes into a tank. At first, this is fine. Everybody’s doing what they normally do. But at the end of the trip who dumps the tank, where do you dump the tank, and how bad is it going to smell? 

Speaking of dumping sometimes solid waste doesn’t go down seamlessly, sometimes it’s stuck in the bowl needing way to much water to get it down. If you’ve ever pooed in a toilet, an RV, or on a boat you know what I’m talking about. You might even need a stick occasionally. Another problem I’ve seen happen with these types of toilets is pressure building up in the tank with elevation changes or heat build-up, this can cause a release that squirts right at you, so beware. Another tip with these types of toilets is to treat the tank with an RV toilet treatment. This helps break down things faster and reduce the odor a little bit. Another thing to remember is it does have a limited tank so if you can avoid peeing in it all the time try to do so. And one final warning don’t put toilet paper in it because it can become a nightmare to get it out of the tank and it will take a lot longer to break down than human waste. 

Now for me, the dumping of the tank is a major hassle(see video), that’s something I never want to do at the end of my trip when I’m tired and just want to go home. With the composting toilet, I just dumped the pee Bottle Into the latrine, I take the biodegradable bag full of poo and peat moss and put it in the trash and go home. Here’s what I wrote on the composting portable toilet I use. It’s not perfect but I think its a great solution.

If anything, watch these guys empty their wet toilets… Hilarious!!

Warning you might vomit lol!!

Going potty like you normally do

Now in reference to the composting vs conventional toilet system the one caveat is how you go to the bathroom. Like I said before with a composting toilet you have to separate the pee and the poo. so the major difference is, for men they have to sit down when they pee so that you can direct your urine flow into the funnel which goes into the separate container. going poo is no different than any other time. That’s it, that’s the major difference. So for me, it’s worth it not to have to deal with dumping the tank, looking for a black sewer disposal location, and having one more thing to do it when I just want to go home. I think about this every time I drive by the line of RV’s waiting for a turn at the black water dump. Remember Teardrops are supposed to be simple and easy.

Potty tents for camping bathroom privacy

Pop up toilet tent or shower tents are the perfect solution. They set up in a snap, and store very compact and easy. You can set them up right next to your teardrop or you can play some distance away for extra privacy. You just place your portable toilet solution inside the tent.  Some models of privacy tent have open ceilings for added ventilation. These pop-up tents also are used for showers by simply adding a solar shower unit and hanging it from the top. If you’re into a minimalist teardrop experience this is a great solution as it accomplishes two things in one small footprint. And the absolute best thing about using a potty tent for your camping bathroom is women will love it compared to any other solution. 

The fact that a Teardrop has no toilet is not a big deal. You can adapt with some adjustments along the way. Everything in life is a compromise and your teardrop is going to go just about anywhere you want to take it. Going to the bathroom is just a fraction of the time you’ll spend on your adventures.

My Seperate toilet solution

If you don’t want to divert the pee via the hose to the outside you can put a simple plastic jug at the end of the hose.