Experience Camping in a Teardrop Camper and Why its the Best!

The teardrop camping experience is becoming one of the fastest-growing camping experiences today. Low cost, ease of maneuverability, low maintenance, and small footprint are just some of the reasons teardrop camping is the best!

What is a Teardrop Camper?

Teardrop trailers evolved from the 1930s till now. Most teardrop trailers were constructed from materials obtained from World War Surplus and salvaged materials. The popularity of teardrop trailers continued to this day. Teardrop trailers were considered economical because they were light and didn’t impact a vehicle’s gas mileage too much. Teardrop trailers have become popular again due to the small cars we drive in the high and gas prices. Inside the teardrop trailer, There is typically room for two people to sleep comfortably along with storing clothes and other items. Outside there is usually a rear hatch that conceals a nicely compacted kitchen that is readily available for making a quick breakfast, cup of coffee, all the way up to a full-blown meal. Today the Resurgence of teardrops is evident in the many groups and clubs formed so that other teardrop owners may gather and share stories, tips and tricks, and other uses of their teardrop trailer. Teardrop trailers are simple and lightweight making them easy to tow. Some models are as simple as a bedroom with wheels, larger floor plans include a bed, kitchen, dining area, and some even have a wet bath. they can be pulled with anything from a motorcycle two small car.

Are teardrop campers worth it?

Fast forward to today and Teardrop trailer design is exploding with accessories and design features for just about every kind of camper. For large families, you can even add on a rooftop tent for the children. For families, teardrop trailers are very affordable and are a great way to travel and see the country.  They make a great base camp for activities like hiking, climbing, skiing, surfing canoeing, paddle boarding, and most outdoor activities. It allows you to focus on your activities rather than locking yourself inside a giant air condition motor home. For those who love to camp and need some of the amenities of home, a small camper is sometimes the perfect choice. They’re more comfortable than sleeping in a tent and easier to set up. Because they weigh so little they’re easier to maneuver and get in and out of tight spots. Because of their size, there’s very little impact on your miles per gallon making your trip less expensive than a more conventional larger camping trailer.  Easy to Set Up Camp and Breakdown for Home 
Setting up a teardrop is so easy. once you get your teardrop where you want it in your sight you just unhook it, let down the stabilizers, and basically your setup.  When you’re ready for a meal, lift up the rear hatch, turn on the stove and start cooking, it’s that simple. Because setting up and tearing is so easy, quick overnight trips from state to state are so much easier. One of my favorite things about teardrops is that when it’s time to go home you just close the hatch, lift up your stabilizers and go. When you get home just back it in the garage and you’re done. No more unloading boxes, forgetting boxes, digging in boxes, etc. And best of all the next time you go camping, everything is loaded in the trailer, nothing to remember, nothing to forget, Just Go.

Choosing your teardrop trailer.

Today the modern teardrop comes in every conceivable configuration. If you’re just simply traveling state to state you can get a very lightweight small trailer that pulls very easily with just about any type of car. if you are a serious off-roader you can get a teardrop trailer that is every bit as rugged as the four-wheel-drive you’re pulling it with. These trailers can be built for Overlanding in the most rugged conditions possible. Since there is no RV that is built to do every single thing. The first question you need to ask yourself is “where will I be using this teardrop?” and “who will I be using it with”. The first thing to look at when buying a teardrop is the size of the bed. Make sure there’s enough room for you and your significant other, and whatever gear you think you’ll be carrying.  the next consideration is the kitchen. Do you want a built-in stove, do you want a built-in sink, an electric fridge, or an ice chest? We chose a stove oven combo that we really love, but maybe cooking isn’t your number one priority, either way, there’s a lot to think of. Next, I would look at ground clearance. Make sure your teardrop has at least as much ground clearance as your tow vehicle. Teardrops options include air conditioning, TVs, DVDs, USB charging stations, solar panels, the list is quite extensive. Make sure your trailer is capable of going where you plan ongoing. Nowadays you can buy a fairly aggressive trailer for even the most extreme conditions, Including maximum ground clearance. Overall they really are simple, easy, and fun.

For DIY’ers

For all the chooses available when making a purchase the are equally as many choices for adding or changing things. Making changes is a piece of cake. The simplicity of teardrop designs allows for changes, modifications, and additions for the do-it-yourselfer a fairly simple task in most cases. You can add water capacity, add propane capacity, change or modify the stove. By adding a roof rack you can add an awning, outdoor hot water shower, solar panels, and more. One person can roll it around the garage so getting at everything is very doable.

Minimal Maintenance

When it comes to maintenance on a teardrop camper it’s pretty simple. There are tires, wheel bearings and keeping them greased, looking after calking in the seams, and a battery. Now more elaborate teardrops come with the water system, holding tanks, TVs, and DVDs, not to much trouble with that. Either way, everything is very accessible and not complicated. It really does add to the affordability of it all. Ease of use For me, camping should be a little more comfortable as far as loading up and going somewhere. Gone are the days digging through boxes, loading boxes, and forgetting things. With my teardrop, it’s always loaded and ready to go which offers more opportunities for spontaneous trips. Just pick up groceries, ice, and stove fuel. When you arrive at your campsite you back in your teardrop, pull out your folding chairs and you’re camping. It’s all just that easy. These teardrops can go anywhere. Some camping won’t allow huge rigs. They just don’t fit. Like I said before make sure you know “the what” you’re going to be using your teardrop for. Plan ahead. I really think renting some different style campers is a great idea so you can get a feel for all the different sizes. After all, they seem great when you’re at an RV show. Just Go!

Teardrop Camper Gatherings

Like car enthusiasts have car shows and rallies, motorcycles riders have clubs and bike shows, teardrop trailer users love to gather and share tips, tricks, designs, and mostly the love of teardrop camping. When I first purchased my teardrop all I wanted to do is look at teardrops and compare. Now in California, where I live, there aren’t as many teardrops as in some states so going to some kind of teardrop rally was on my list. Some gatherings are brand specific, like TAG trailers. Some rallies are DIY specific, sharing the latest in DIY designs. Attending teardrop gatherings is the best place to get ideas for accessories, modifications, and upgrades. You can touch it, feel it, and ask questions. It’s all about fun in the end