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Keeps Ice Up To 10 Days

Doesn’t need Power, Doesn’t use Batteries

RTIC vs. YETI compared

RTIC and Yeti are both roto-molded coolers they look pretty much identical right almost everything is the same they both have these t-rex latches or the t latches there’s a little bit of a difference between Yeti and Rtic here I mean they might look the same but you’ll notice that Yetis are a little stiffer than Arctic’s so RTIC’s are a little bit easier if you’re not as strong to secure those that’s one minor difference they both have a drain they both have lock holes so if you want to lock them you can do that on both sides of the cooler they both have molded handles on both sides which are great for grabbing or for lifting.

They both have like a wiper blade-style gasket, it’s like rubber, it’s not foam. Both are completely bare resistant or grizzly bear certified so a bear is not gonna be able to open these.

Both coolers have an extremely sturdy lid so you can stand on them. I know a lot of fishermen who like to stand on top of their coolers to get like a higher position to cast. There’s no flex and the lids whatsoever.

Both coolers have the non-skid pads on the bottom so they’re not going to slip around and both have the built-in tie-down slots.

I have the RTIC 45 on my Teardrop Camper

The RTIC 45 holds 45 Quarts, the YETI 45 holds 35 quarts. So capacity goes to the Arctic. Another difference of note is the RTIC when tested were leak-proof the Yetis all leaked when tipped. 

Ice retention tests showed both ice chest performed about equal. They both did really well and they both were very similar in terms of the duration that they went before the ice melted, which was about 85 hours, filled 60 to 70% capacity. Of course, this is in a test environment. In my real-world use, I put a small block of dry ice and a bag of regular ice on top, and it last 5 days.

Yeti has a five-year warranty Arctic has a 1-year warranty.

The RTIC 45 is a multi-use camp friendly addition that also acts as a seat, non-slip step stool, tabletop, and additional cutting board while keeping ice, perishables, and essential supplies cold. With two drains, comfortable handles, a large capacity, an easy to use design, the RTIC might be the cooler you’ve been looking for.

After experiencing both these companies for a while I feel like as a company YETI has the advantage. Why is this important? Well as your roto-molded cooler gets older it may need some replacement parts. You’ll want the company to be around so the advantage goes to Yeti. You can’t RTIC’s price though, I have one and I love it.

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