Camping At Army Corps Of Engineers RV Campgrounds

We want to tell you about some amazing campgrounds

These campgrounds we love so much are the Army Corps of Engineer campgrounds. There are amazing some hidden gems located all over the USA.

The Army Corps of Engineers was actually officially established in 1802. A lot of people didn’t think they could stay at the Army Corps of Engineer Park because it had US Army in the name but that’s not the case, everyone is welcome. The Army in the name refers to its origin with West Point, the only engineering school at the time. They are not a military organization per se and one thing you might be surprised to know is the Army Corps of Engineers has assisted in every war since the Revolutionary War since they were first appointed. So in most cases, they were the first ones in.

So what does the Army Corps of Engineers do?

Some of the things they’ve done are built coastal fortifications, they’ve surveyed roads and canals, they’ve explored and mapped the western frontier, and they have constructed actually some pretty significant buildings. some of their famous projects were the Panama Canal, the Washington Monument, the Pentagon, the Library of Congress, and more.

They are actually the nation’s number one provider of recreational activities here in the country. Some of the activities you can find at COA parks include hiking, boating, fishing, snorkeling, whitewater rafting, mountain biking, and of course camping. Let’s talk about the campgrounds. Fees for campgrounds we’ve stayed at in the past have ranged from eighteen to thirty-four dollars a night and the amenities also vary depending on the campground. Some have partial hookups and full hookups. Fees will vary depending upon the amenities that are offered and/or your location. There are several ways to save money at COE parks. The first way is to have an America the Beautiful senior park pass or Access Pass. if you have any one of those when you book your campground make sure you put your number in on your reservation and that is gonna save you 50%. For the Senior Pass, you have to be 62 years old and the Access Pass is for anybody with a permanent disability.

How to find these amazing Army Corps of Engineer’ campgrounds?

The first website I want to show you is the Corps Lake website. Now, this is actually run by the US Army Corps of Engineers. You can see on their index here they have a ton of information on this website but we’re gonna focus on the parks and campgrounds.

If you select a “state” you’ll see all the states here where there are Corps of Engineer parks. Let’s pick California and you can see it pops up with all the Corps of Engineer parks in California. You can filter just for campgrounds and then click to find Lakes button. Remember COE parks are almost always on a body of water and it’s gonna show you everything that the site has to offer, like which ones include camping and a list of the names of the campgrounds under reserve. You’ll also find a Trip Planning link, Photo’s link, phone numbers, and discount pass information.

The RV trip wizard is a great tool for Planning trips and keeping track of what reservations you’ve made. You can find the state parks as well because those are our other favorite places to go. The RV trip wizard does offer a lot of information about these campgrounds and about all the campgrounds in their database.

This is a great book to keep in your camp when there is no internet.

RV Camping in Corps of Engineers Parks: Guide to 644 Campgrounds at 210 Lakes in 34 States