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Sea Eagle 385 Fast Track

Best Kayak for Seniors and RV’ers | Lightweight under 40 lbs.

So whats is the definition of the perfect Kayak for Seniors?

  • Needs to be lightweight
  • Easy to carry (Compact)
  • Paddles Straight (keel)
  • Easy to stand in
  • Good back support
  • Easy to store
  • Stable

Perfect inflatable kayak for seniors/RV’ers

If you’re are an active RV user, teardrop trailer camper or a van camper chances are you don’t have a lot of room for hauling boats and other toys with you in your travels. Or maybe you’re still a tent camper with a small car. How many times have you camped at a lake and wished you could get out on the water? Well, if you’re a senior and can’t always sling things up on top of your camper you have even fewer places to haul toys, such as some kind of boat.

I decided that I needed to get something I could have with me where ever we go so I settled on an inflatable kayak. I’ve used hard shell kayaks in the past and found them easy to maneuver and safe in the water. Now I’m a senior and hosting anything up on my roof can be a challenge, plus a hardshell kayak gets pretty heavy when you have to heave it up on your vehicles roof or haul it a long way to the waters edge. After all, we don’t always get waterfront camping like in the RV brochures (lol), so it usually is some kind of trek to the water’s edge. When I was younger I did a lot of white water rafting so I was comfortable with inflatable boats and how extremely durable they are, the good ones that is… Even the Coast Guard uses inflatable boats.

Now I need to determine who makes the best inflatable kayaks.

Lightweight kayaks for Seniors and RVers

Like most things “beginner” you usually think of something cheap to start out with. With inflatables that’s not really the best way to go. Cheaper inflatables are less safe, being of lower quality materials and design. They’re made to last for like maybe one summer and tend not to store too well. Fine for kids playing around in the water but not much else. The next problem cheap inflatables have is tracking. There’s nothing on the kayak that improves tracking so as you paddle your kayak swings left to right. Instead of all your energy going toward moving forward it gets used up swaying back and forth. This causes unnecessary fatigue which will make you hate the whole experience. Cheap inflatables are nothing more than a pool toy.

Cheaper kayaks are more like a squatty raft, not a lean sleek ride through the water. This causes them to sit high in the water making them prone to wind resistance and more work to control while paddling. Again this is a major source of frustration causing your kayaking experience to decline.

Another notable shortcomings with lower-priced inflatable kayaks are the boat’s floor is hardly something you can stand on, which makes getting in and out of the kayak a huge hassle, especially for seniors. These are all the things that I worked out while shopping and trying different inflatable kayaks.

There’s a lot more to think about than when first looking. After all, I was watching a lot of kayaks leaving Dicks Sporting Goods this summer. They were cheaper than what was looking at but after watching people load them into or on top there car I was not convinced on the whole hard-shell kayak. Next time you’re in a sporting goods store pick up one end of the hard shell and ask yourself if you and your wife can carry this to the water and then back after kayaking all day. For me, the answer was nope

Health benefits of kayaks for senior citizens

Taking care of our health as seniors should be part of our daily routine. When we’re traveling in our RV we do an enormous amount of sitting so finding fun activities that keep us healthy is important. Bikes, kayaks, and hiking should be part of our daily fun.

Lightweight – Save your back!

Although the exercise benefits of kayaking for senior citizens is comparable between hard shell kayaks and inflatable kayaks. The distinct advantage goes to the inflatable. As a package, when rolled up, is much less lighter and easier to carry. A hardshell kayak is heavy and you don’t want to through out your back caring it around.

Cardio exercise/ Fat burning

Paddling a kayak is about endurance as much as it is about upper body strength. Either argument is beneficial to get your heart rate up as well as burn fat. This leads to a healthy heart.

Abs workout.

Once you start kayaking you’ll learn better and proper techniques for paddling.  Proper paddling requires your core muscles including your abs. Your arms and shoulders will get a workout as well, but if your paddle stroke is correct it will be your whole core that’s gets the workout.

There's a lot to see in a kayak

Travel kayaks - The Perfect lightweight kayaks for seniors and RV’ers

First of all, I am a senior so I speak from experience. I came access this Kayak after months of research. I don’t like to buy things more than once. No impulse buying here. We travel in a teardrop camper so I wanted something I could store anywhere while traveling. I want this kayak where ever we go so at the drop of a hat I have a watercraft. It’s always there and ready.

Folded up Sea Eagle
The Sea Eagle being opened up from it carrying bag

The Best inflatable kayak for seniors is the Sea Eagle Fast Track 385

This kayak features patented technology for a faster and smoother experience. As a senior, I can tell this is really appreciated. It helps you move across the water with ease. It travels in a compact, lightweight bag that’s easy to move around. Fast track 385’s weigh just 35 lbs. There are a few different models. You can setup the 385FT as a single or tandem person craft. There eve a fishing version, the 385fta FastTrack™ Angler Series Inflatable Fishing Boat. There are accessories like a trolling motor mount, sails, fishing gear, and more. Lots of options.

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Inflatable Kayak Buyers Guide Checklist
No Pool toys- anything under $400, won't last.
Durability - Built with nautical integrity, a strong hull like performance.
Keel - keeps the kayak tracking straight.
Skeg - creates resistance to yawing.
Stability - solid bottom, wide surface area.

Drop Stitch Technology

Well, today’s technology has changed everything when it comes to inflatable Kayaks. One of the things that make this design so special is Drop Stitch Technology on the floor. This really changes things when it comes to stability. It creates a floor you can stand on like a hard shell kayak. Makes getting in and out so much easier. Plus, you can stretch from time to time when out on the water.

The high-pressure drop stitch floor is super rigid which provides great rigidity and a strong hull like performance. This increases performance in the water dramatically of other inflatables.

Sea Eagle's Patented NeedleKnife™ Rigid Inflatable Keel

I mentioned earlier about cheap inflatables yaw from left to right really badly waring out the paddlers. This inflatable rigid keel keeps the kayak going straight causing all your strokes to go forward without wasting energy. Again this patented drop stitch technology is what keeps things rigid.

Large Removable Rear Center Skeg

The Fast Track 385 also has a removable skeg that also helps control yawing Large Removable Rear Center Skeg that helps control yawing (swinging to the right or left). You’ll really appreciate how well this kayak goes straight. You can remove the skeg when using it in white water or even shallow rivers, over rocks.

Notice the Rigid Inflatable Keel on the bottom

Seats and Comfort

There are two different seat packages available. There’s the deluxe inflatable seat that sits a little higher and the Tall Back Seats with contoured seat bases and wrap around sides.

Are inflatable kayaks good? technology has come a long way, just ask the US Coast Guard. I think most people worry about losing air and ending up in the water, a long way from home. Unfortunately, the reputation gets cloudy due to the “pool toy” versions that are cheaply made. Kayaks that cost are a little more use much better high-pressure fabrics. This triple-layer reinforced material is of Omni-directional strength can endure a severe impact with sharp objects without puncturing. This fabric is super strong and tear-resistant. Things like hot air welded & quadruple overlap seams and 4 layers at 36 mils each create 4 layers together nearly 144 mils thick. Add a PVC coating on both sides creates a waterproof, air-tight seal. These things a tough!

Do inflatable kayaks last? Find out more about what you need to look for in a quality kayak, one that lasts.

What is the most durable inflatable kayak?

Speaking of durability watch this truck drive right over the Sea Eagle Kayak. Won’t deflate on the rocks! This pretty much says it all! Check out the 385ft here

Kayaking Accessories

Life Jacket

Word from the wise – These might be the hardest thing to find in the whole country right now. If you even think you’re going to get some kind of water craft buy these right now. Also they make life jacker specifically for kayaks but they aren’t so comfortable between your back and the seat. It feels like a brick between your back and the seat. I recommend some more like a water ski vest as they are flatter on the back and more comfortable for the leisure kayaker.

Try these from Amazon

A kayak cart

A cart might be handy if you need to carry your kayak a long way. With the cart, you can actually put in all your stuff like an ice chest, towels, etc., and use it to carry everything down to the beach.

Check out this one